An Amazing Weekend

August 1st, 2011

Mike and I had an amazing weekend at the Offutt Base Exchange Arts and Crafts Show. We met some wonderful people who travel to exchanges in this area of Kansas/Nebraska. They were so wonderful to share their expertise with us. What a blessing.

We made enough sales to make us happy and learned so much to make us even happier. Now that Mike has seen the potential set ups, he’ll be helping me come up with ways to better display our products. We need to make the display higher since we maxed out our ability to take care of wider.

We did have one item stolen, which was frustrating as it was a bangle in a matched set of necklace bangle that was the sweetest little girl’s jewelry set. It would have made a perfect flower girl set. ::::sigh::::

I’ve also discovered that I need to somehow convey things like that (flower girl set) to the customers that I can’t actually talk to. I’m not sure how to go about doing that, but will be thinking.

My make do earring display really caught people’s attention. I will continue using it for earrings that are priced all the same price.I had three of these containers set up with earrings on front and back of the tins.


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