Our First Arts and Crafts Show – Earrings Off Line

July 29th, 2011

We (Mike and I) just finished our first day of our first craft show. We’ve learned a lot, especially about things we should be sure to bring. It’s been a terrific learning experience.

Getting ready for the show led me to search for my earring racks…I haven’t been able to find them since the move. We’ve looked through almost every box, and no earrings, earring racks or some of my other display pieces. That means I’ve pulled all the earrings out of the store. I don’t know where they are. ::::sigh::::

I made a bunch of new earrings for the show. One cool thing was the way I decided to display the earrings with no racks. I took small tin containers designed for plants, added some pretty glass pebbles, and hung the earrings around the front edge and the inside of the back edge. I priced all the earrings the same, and people loved them. Once the show is over, I’ll have a photography session or four to get the new earrings that are left added to the website along with all the many new pieces I’ve made but not find time to get into the store. Time to make time.

Today was a lot of fun talking jewelry with folks who truly love jewelry as much as I do. I came home with requests for a pair of matching earrings for a vintage necklace and a variation on a pair of earrings I had on display. I just finished them. I’m especially proud of the earrings to match the vintage necklace. It wasn’t an easy piece to match because of the shade of green, but they turned out perfect. I can’t wait to show the customer tomorrow.

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