Custom Design

Let Beverly design a unique piece just for you. She'll work with you to select the gemstones, beads, and other materials to create a distinctive piece of jewelry.

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Eclectic Jewelry Box

In November 2009, I started the Eclectic Jeweley Box to sell my own line of hand made necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Friends repeatedly told me that I could sell the jewelry I was making, so I took the plunge in to marketing.

I've been involved with design itself for a long time as a web designer. Jewelry design offers another means to explore my design creativity in a three-dimensional medium. Plus, I just love jewelry, and the real difficulty is selling something I'd rather keep for myself.

I'll be expanding the types of pieces I offer as I gain more skill and knowledge. Visit regularly, because you never know what direction I may go. Last month I was very much enamored with the color orange. Pink is striking my fancy now. That and antiqued gold findings. Who knows what's next?

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